Glory in the Midst of Darkness

Jeong Koo Jeon

In the beginning,

The Light of Glory—

Hovering over deep darkness . . .


In the hopeless wilderness,

The Light of Glory—

In the midst of Israel

Leading day and night . . .


At the tabernacle in the wilderness,

At the temple on Mt. Zion,

Spectacular form penetrated darkness:

Heaven's Glory In-Dwelling.



In the land of Bethlehem Judah

When gloomy darkness filled the world,

A star of Glory appeared

In the sky over a manger;

A little Lamb, abandoning the Glory of Heaven,

Was born here:

The Glory of Light—

The Holy Light of Heaven shining.


In the midst of darkness

Heaven was singing;

Heavenly host and angel sang

Sang the Song of Glory!

Now the victorious little Lamb

Rules the Kingdom of Glory;

(Ah! through faith)

Beyond the Kingdom of Darkness

Receiving the Kingdom of Glory as gift,

We begin to sing.



Until the return of the little Lamb of Glory,

We will sing;

In the dark wilderness

Pondering the invisible Glory

In our midst,

We will sing the Song of Heaven.


When the little Lamb comes again

Passing through the dark world,

We will see the Glory of judgment—the last Glory—

And face eternal Glory.


With heavenly host and angel

We will sing and dance;

In the midst of everlasting Glory

We will sing an endless Song!