"To Life!"

Joyce Courter

Approaching death, I find at last,

holds not for me that mortal wound that others fear.

Christ's call, "To Life!",

bids me in hope soar swiftly through death's sting,

its shadowed gloom unveiled.

I've trusted Him in life,

and now in death to Christ, and Christ Alone, I yield.

My eager soul draws nigh to Him Who calls Eternity

"To Life!"


His love so hewn from cross to tomb

in vict'ry burst those deathy gates to Life!

In triumph then, Christ slipped earth's realm to reign on High

where He now waits for me—

No earthly tie that binds can hold my soul,

nor keep me from that One Who sets me free.

O'er death His Living Word abides—

Christ shouts His Victor's cry

"To Life!"


March 1988