[K:NWTS 21/1 (May 2006) 40-41]

Last Enemy

(Written upon the death of Cornelius Van Til)

Charles G. Dennison

Now death—

now death comes.

Teeth bared,

the beast rushes at the shortness

of my breath

bent on the feast.

But I stared you down,

you damned coward!

This once I stand my ground.

My anger rises, rips and tears;

like Samuel,

eyes blazing

streaked with blood,

I grab the sword from Saul's

impotent hand

and slide the blade around

their silent gaze

to Amalek—

arm and leg and lung,

hacked and separated,



this boast itself grows old

and I give way—

wound and buried to tears

taunting my frivolous triumph

until the stones roll back;

seed to grain,

shade to light,

I see him at my door's


and me unbound

by his call,

his life,

the all in all.