K:JNWTS 30 (May 2015): 19

By Faith Abel

James T. Dennison, Jr.

The End in the Beginning      

                                                                                    The First in the Last


                        Abel                                                    a son of Adam

Christ                                                                                                              The Son of Adam

                                                Seed of the woman

                                                Son of man

                                                Last man

                        Abel                                                    and a lamb

Christ                                                                                                              Lamb of God

                                                Protological victim

                                                Vicarious victim

                                                Eschatological victim


                        Abel                                                    and the serpent’s enmity

Christ                                                                                                              Serpent-Crusher

                                                First martyr


                                                Final martyr


                        Abel                                                    beginning of death

Christ                                                                                                              Death of Death

                                                Genesis grave

                                                Clamoring grave

                                                Eschatological grave


                        Abel                                                    dead yet speaketh

Christ                                                                                                              Speaketh better things





                        Abel                                                    pilgrim by faith

Christ                                                                                                              Pioneer and Perfecter



                                                Now—Not Yet

                        Abel                                                    a son of God

Christ                                                                                                              The Son of God


The Last in the First                                                                           

             The Beginning in the End