Kerux Archives : Author : J. Peter Vosteen

Sharing Christ21/2 (Sep 2006)
The Woman and the Child26/2 (Sep 2011)
Review: Pastoral Theology in the Classical Tradition (Purves, Andrew)J. Peter Vosteen 17/2 (Sep 2002)
Review: It's All In How You Tell It. (Torrey W. Robinson, Haddon W. Robinson)J. Peter Vosteen 20/1 (May 2005)
Review: A Geerhardus Vos Anthology (Olinger, Danny E.)J. Peter Vosteen 20/3 (Dec 2005)
Review: Renewal of Worship: Caring for the People, A Resource Guide (Howard, Jr., Donald W.)J. Peter Vosteen 21/1 (May 2006)
Review: Preaching Christ in All Scripture (Clowney, Edmund P.)J. Peter Vosteen 21/2 (Sep 2006)
Review: An Introduction to the Heidelberg Catechism (Bierma, Lyle D.)J. Peter Vosteen 22/1 (May 2007)
Review: Understanding Matthew: The Early Christian Worldview of the First Gospel (Westerholm, Stephen)J. Peter Vosteen 22/1 (May 2007)
Review: A New Song for an Old World, Musical Thought in the Early Church (Stapert, Calvin R.)J. Peter Vosteen 22/2 (Sep 2007)
Review: How Jesus Transforms The Ten Commandments (Rebecca Clowney Jones, Edmund P. Clowney)J. Peter Vosteen 23/1 (May 2008)
Review: The Belgic Confession: Its History And Sources (Gootjes, Nicolaas H.)J. Peter Vosteen 23/2 (Sep 2008)
Review: The Courage to Be Protestant: Truth-lovers, Marketers, and Emergents in the Postmodern World (Wells, David)J. Peter Vosteen 25/1 (May 2010)
Review: Practicing Theological Interpretation: Engaging Biblical Texts for Faith and Formation (Green, Joel)J. Peter Vosteen 26/3 (Dec 2011)
Review: The Intolerance of Tolerance. (Carson, D. A.)J. Peter Vosteen 28/2 (Sep 2013)
Review: Abraham Kuyper: Modern Calvinist, Christian Democrat (Bratt, James D.)J. Peter Vosteen 29/2 (Sep 2014)