Other Biblical Theology Sources

The works of Geerhardus Vos are foundational to Reformed Biblical Theology. The following are "basic Vos".

His inaugural address of 1894 "The idea of Biblical Theology as a Science and as a Theological Discipline" is reprinted in Redemptive History and Biblical Interpretation, ed. by Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. (Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co., 1980), pages 3-24. This volume contains many other essays by Vos. James T. Dennison has provided a series of lectures on the inaugural address and other Vos essays. The audio cassettes are available from Emmanuel Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Vos's Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments and his Pauline Eschatology are also important. Finally, he wrote The Self-Disclosure of Jesus, The Teaching of Jesus Concerning the Kingdom of God and the Church and The Teaching of the Epistle to Hebrews.

Herman Ridderbos has expanded Vos's emphasis in three important works: The Coming of the Kingdom, When the Time Had Fully Come, and Paul: An Outline of His Theology.

In addition to articles in the Kerux, Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. has written two important books: Resurrection and Redemption and Perspectives on Pentecost

James T. Dennison has a number of sermons, addresses and reviews in Kerux.

The Tapes of Rev. Charles Dennison (1945-1999) are available from Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 1419 Beaver Road, Osbourne, PA 15143.

William D. Dennison has written Paul's Two-Age Construction and Apologetics.