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Biblical Theology in the Study and the Pulpit2/1 (May 1987)
The New Point Of View (corrected)4/3 (Dec 1989)
The Holy Spirit and Eschatology4/3 (Dec 1989)
Building the Biblical-Theological Sermon4/3 (Dec 1989)
Building the Biblical-Theological Sermon (part 2)5/1 (May 1990)
Structural Strands in New Testament Eschatology6/3 (Dec 1991)
Suggestions for Reading - The History of Biblical Theology: Encyclopedias and Dictionaries7/3 (Dec 1992)
Geerhardus Vos and Eschatology10/2 (Sep 1995)
The New Point of View4/2 (Sep 1989)
Is Wisdom Literature Eschatological?11/1 (May 1996)
Some Thoughts On Preaching11/3 (Dec 1996)
Index Volume 1-10 (1986-1995)10/3 (Dec 1995)
What is Biblical Theology? Reflections on the Inaugural Address of Geerhardus Vos2/1 (May 1987)
The Nature and Aims of Biblical Theology14/1 (May 1999)
The Measure of Thankfulness: Jesus, Paul, and the Life of Prayer14/2 (Sep 1999)
Geerhardus Vos: Life Between Two Worlds14/2 (Sep 1999)
Biblical Theology: The View From the Pew14/2 (Sep 1999)
Biblical Theology and the Session14/3 (Dec 1999)
The View from the Manse*15/1 (May 2000)
The Writings of Geerhardus Vos*15/2 (Sep 2000)
Preachers: Tell the Story of Redemption!15/3 (Dec 2000)
Covenant Theology and Old Testament Ethics: Meredith G. Kline's Intrusion Ethics16/1 (May 2001)
Biblical Theology and Counseling*16/1 (May 2001)
Vos on the Sabbath: A Close Reading16/1 (May 2001)
Redemptive-historical Preaching16/2 (Sep 2001)
Was the Tree of Life Always Off-limits? A Critique of Vos's Answer16/3 (Dec 2001)
What is the 'Critical' Reading of the Bible?17/1 (May 2002)
Gregory Nazianzus on the God-Man17/1 (May 2002)
Glory in the Midst of Darkness17/1 (May 2002)
Chance, Randomness, and Determinism17/1 (May 2002)
Bridges or Ladders?17/2 (Sep 2002)
Image17/2 (Sep 2002)
Paul and the Law17/2 (Sep 2002)
Thomas Hooker on Union with Christ17/2 (Sep 2002)
Arius 'Orthodoxos'; Athanasius 'Politicus'17/2 (Sep 2002)
Hilary of Poitiers On the Son of God17/2 (Sep 2002)
Peace17/3 (Dec 2002)
Eumenides17/3 (Dec 2002)
Reason, History and Revelation: Biblical Theology and the Enlightenment18/1 (May 2003)
As Weary Pilgrim18/1 (May 2003)
Light Affliction18/1 (May 2003)
Jonathan Edwards on the Two Adams18/1 (May 2003)
New Abraham18/2 (Sep 2003)
Novatian on the Incarnation18/2 (Sep 2003)
Jonathan Edwards, 1703-1758: An Appraisal on the Tercentenary of His Birth18/2 (Sep 2003)
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day18/3 (Dec 2003)
Augustine and Grace18/3 (Dec 2003)
The Old and New Covenants and the Law: Was the Mosaic Covenant a Redemptive Covenant of Grace?19/1 (May 2004)
On Being a Confessional Church19/1 (May 2004)
Charles Hodge on the System of Doctrine19/1 (May 2004)
Holy Sonnet 1419/1 (May 2004)
Dutch: The Withering of a Language19/2 (Sep 2004)
Origen: A Review19/2 (Sep 2004)
"To Life!"19/2 (Sep 2004)
Autobiographical Notes19/3 (Dec 2004)
The Nativity19/3 (Dec 2004)
Calvinistic Antinomians20/1 (May 2005)
The Prospects of American Theology20/1 (May 2005)
Martin Bucer: A Review20/1 (May 2005)
The Bentheim Confession (1613/1617)20/2 (Sep 2005)
Christ Alone by Faith Alone, Not by the Merit of Works20/2 (Sep 2005)
The Old and New Covenants and the Law: Was the Mosaic Covenant a Redemptive Covenant of Grace? Pt II20/2 (Sep 2005)
K.A. Kitchen on the Old Testament: A Review20/2 (Sep 2005)
Last Theologian20/3 (Dec 2005)
Nativity20/3 (Dec 2005)
Trinitarian Confession of the Italian Church of Geneva (1558)21/1 (May 2006)
The Redemptive-Historical Hermeneutic and Preaching21/1 (May 2006)
Last Enemy21/1 (May 2006)
Heaven and Earth21/2 (Sep 2006)
Natural and Special Revelation: A Reassessment21/2 (Sep 2006)
Peter Martyr Vermigli on Christ's Resurrection and Justification21/2 (Sep 2006)
Calvin on DVD21/2 (Sep 2006)
Christmas21/3 (Dec 2006)
Meredith G. Kline: A Critical Review21/3 (Dec 2006)
Jonathan Edwards on Preaching21/3 (Dec 2006)
Justin Martyr21/3 (Dec 2006)
Augustine on Merit21/3 (Dec 2006)
Calvinist21/3 (Dec 2006)
Athanasius on Salvation22/1 (May 2007)
Thomas Cartwright on Israel's Inheritance of the Land22/1 (May 2007)
John Calvin on the Covenant of Grace22/1 (May 2007)
Old Testament Historical Books: A Critical Review22/1 (May 2007)
Francis Roberts on Ordo Salutis and Historia Salutis22/2 (Sep 2007)
Paul, the Covenant Theologian22/2 (Sep 2007)
Anthony Burgess on the Law and the Gospel22/2 (Sep 2007)
O Remember Adam's Fall22/3 (Dec 2007)
In Marosszentimre Church22/3 (Dec 2007)
Gottschalk of Orbais: A Medieval Predestinarian22/3 (Dec 2007)
Rudimenta Pietatis22/3 (Dec 2007)
The Earliest Hungarian Protestant Confessions: Nagyvarad (1544) and Erdod (1545)23/1 (May 2008)
A Greater than Solomon23/1 (May 2008)
Past and Present23/1 (May 2008)
The Apocalyptics of the Hungarian Puritans23/1 (May 2008)
Charles Hodge on John Nevin: A Neglected Review23/2 (Sep 2008)
Zanchi on Justification23/2 (Sep 2008)
Edward Leigh: More Than Psalms23/3 (Dec 2008)
Inclusive Psalmody: Why "psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs" Refer to More Than the Old Testament Psalter23/3 (Dec 2008)
A Hymn of Heavenly Love23/3 (Dec 2008)
The Biblical Basis for Missions24/1 (May 2009)
The Idea of Biblical Theology as a Science and as a Theological Discipline24/1 (May 2009)
Geerhardus Vos, Biblical Theology and Preaching24/1 (May 2009)
Paul and Semi-Eschatological Justification: With a Critique of N.T. Wright24/2 (Sep 2009)
Exsul, Peregrinus, Viator: Selderhuis on Calvin, A Review24/2 (Sep 2009)
Merit or "Entitlement" in Reformed Covenant Theology: A Review24/3 (Dec 2009)
The Tractoria of Prudentius of Troyes (d. 861)25/1 (May 2010)
Classic Orthodox Calvinists on the Notion of Any Human Merit25/1 (May 2010)
John Calvin, Eternal Generation, and Communication of Essence: A Reexamination of His Views25/1 (May 2010)
Vos Reviews William Henry Green25/2 (Sep 2010)
Muller on Divine Essence and Attributes: A Review25/2 (Sep 2010)
Calvin's Idea of Meritum Christi25/2 (Sep 2010)
G. Vos to B. B. Warfield25/3 (Dec 2010)
John Milton on Christ's Advent25/3 (Dec 2010)
The Christian Apologist in the Present State of Redemptive-History25/3 (Dec 2010)
More Letters of Geerhardus Vos26/1 (May 2011)
The Hungarian Confessio Catholica (1562) on Covenant Conditions26/1 (May 2011)
Moreland's Kingdom Triangle: A Review26/1 (May 2011)
Paul and the Hermeneutics of Faith: A Review26/2 (Sep 2011)
Conquest or Compromise? John Thomson and the Presbyterian Adopting Act of 172926/2 (Sep 2011)
Vos on the Law and Merit27/1 (May 2012)
Did Paul Really Teach Republication as "Defined" by VanDrunen?27/1 (May 2012)
Apples of Gold for a Needy People: Reading Geerhardus Vos27/1 (May 2012)
Member of the Westminster Assembly Rejects Republication of the Covenant of Works at Mt. Sinai27/2 (Sep 2012)
The Confession of the Ecclesia Locarnensis Reformata of July 9, 155427/2 (Sep 2012)
Bart Ehrman on Suffering in the Bible: A Critical Review27/2 (Sep 2012)
Did Paul Really Teach Republication as "Defined" by VanDrunen? Part 327/3 (Dec 2012)
Incarnation27/3 (Dec 2012)
Patristic Commentaries on Revelation: An Update27/3 (Dec 2012)
John Ball on Covenant Blessings28/1 (May 2013)
Augustine: Christ's Merit and Ours28/2 (Sep 2013)
Muller on the Trinity: A Review28/2 (Sep 2013)
The End in the Beginning: A Biblical-Theological Catechism for Young and Old28/2 (Sep 2013)
The Logic of Monergism and Synergism in Francis Turretin's Soteriology28/2 (Sep 2013)
Turretin Against Merit in Sinners28/2 (Sep 2013)
Augustine on Grace and Debt28/2 (Sep 2013)
Upon Christ's Nativity, or Christmas28/3 (Dec 2013)
Thomas Hooker on the All-Sufficiency of Christ29/1 (May 2014)
Simeon Ashe on God's Mercy29/2 (Sep 2014)
Editor's Preface29/3 (Dec 2014)
Confession on the Trinity29/3 (Dec 2014)
Gregory Nazianzus on the Incarnation29/3 (Dec 2014)
Merit and Moses: A Review29/3 (Dec 2014)
Voices for the Supernatural and Revealed Word of God: John William Burgon and Geerhardus Vos30/2 (Sep 2015)
Geerhardus Vos and Michael Wolter on Paul's Eschatology30/2 (Sep 2015)
George Downame: The Affirmation of Merit in Sinners is Blasphemy30/2 (Sep 2015)
Anselm on the Incarnation and Redemption30/3 (Dec 2015)
Night and Day31/1 (May 2016)
The Nativity, or Christmas Day31/2 (Dec 2016)
John Arrowsmith on Grace and Merit31/2 (Dec 2016)
Wolter on Paulís Theology: A Review31/2 (Dec 2016)
Holy Sonnets XV32/2 (Dec 2017)