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Sermons and Expositions
A Sermon On Hebrews 12:1-3Vos, GeerhardusHebrews 12:1-31:1
RabboniDennison, Charles G.John 20:161:1
The Conquest of the CrossDrake, RobertColossians 2:151:1
Life, Light, Lamb ... And the LogosDennison, Jr., James T.John 1:1-181:1
The Church and ProclamationSemel, LawrenceMatthew 3:1-121:1
A Sermon On I Peter 1:3-5Vos, Geerhardus1 Peter 1:3-51:2
A King and a CrippleDennison, Jr., James T.2 Samuel 4:4; 9:1-11; 16:14; 19:16,17,24-301:2
Behold My ServantRoth, David L.John 91:2
Your Life is the Worship of Jesus ChristDennison, William D.John 1:141:2
The Weeping of RachelSchilder, KlaasMatthew 2:17,181:3
Christ, Our High Priest in HeavenGaffin, Jr., Richard B.Hebrews 4:141:3
Firstborn Over AllBaugh, Steven M.Colossians 1:15-201:3
An Unsuspected and Hidden GloryDennison, Charles G.Matthew 2:1-121:3
Biblical Theology in the Study and the PulpitBoyd, James OscarNone2:1
Life for LandJones, Stuart R.1 Kings 21:1-292:1
Election and TransformationSemel, LawrenceGenesis 25:19-342:1
A Sermon on I Corinthians 15:14Vos, Geerhardus1 Corinthians 15:142:2
The Raising of LeviTolsma, CorneliusLuke 5:27,282:2
Paul on the Damascus RoadDennison, Jr., James T.Acts 9:1-192:2
Jesus, the Multitudes and UsDennison, Charles G.Matthew 5:1,22:2
Pax Romana, Pax ChristiDennison, Jr., James T.Luke 2:1-202:3
The Bronze Serpent HistoryHoogsteen, T.Numbers 21:1-92:3
Samaritan HospitalityJones, Stuart R.1 Kings 132:3
A Sermon on Psalm 25:14Vos, GeerhardusPsalms 25:143:1
The Garden of Jesus' AgonyBergsma, Derke P.Matthew 26:36-563:1
The Claims of Wisdom in Proverbs 8:1-36Davis, William C.Proverbs 8:1-363:1
Wisdom and FollyBaugh, Steven M.Proverbs 9:1-6,13-183:1
A Sermon on Isaiah 57:15Vos, GeerhardusIsaiah 57:153:2
Luke 4:16 - Redemptive Historical or Exemplary?Gootjes, N.H.Luke 4:163:2
The Rape of TamarDennison, Jr., James T.2 Samuel 133:2
A Sermon on Matthew 16:24,25Vos, GeerhardusMatthew 16:24,253:3
The Redeemer of RuthJones, Stuart R.Ruth 4:1-223:3
Made in the Image of GodGreen, Bill2 Corinthians 3:183:3
The Babe and the Babes of BethlehemDennison, Jr., James T.Matthew 2:1-183:3
On The PassoverMelito of SardisExodus 124:1
Short Note on the Structure of Isaiah 1Dennison, Jr., James T.Isaiah 14:1
A Sermon On Hebrews 13:8Vos, GeerhardusHebrews 13:84:2
The New Point Of View (corrected)Ridderbos, Herman N.None4:3
Jesus' Spring House CleaningClark, R. ScottJohn 2:13-224:2
A Tale of Two Cities: Isaiah and WorshipDennison, Jr., James T.Isaiah 1:1-31; 6:1-84:2
The Holy Spirit and EschatologyGaffin, Jr., Richard B.None4:3
Building the Biblical-Theological SermonDennison, Jr., James T.None4:3
The Spiritual Resurrection Of BelieversVos, GeerhardusEphesians 2:4,55:1
The New Heavens and the New EarthDennison, Charles G.Hebrews 12:26-295:1
Building the Biblical-Theological Sermon (part 2)Dennison, Jr., James T.None5:1
The Rider of the Red HorseKline, Meredith G.Zechariah 1:85:2
Witnesses to the KingDennison, Jr., James T.John 19:17-425:2
A Sermon on I Corinthians 5:7Vos, Geerhardus1 Corinthians 5:75:3
The Rider of the Red Horse (part 2)Kline, Meredith G.Zechariah 1:85:3
The Righteous King - The Just KingdomDennison, Jr., James T.Isaiah 32:1-35:3
A Sermon On Mark 10:45Vos, GeerhardusMark 10:456:1
How Long?Kline, Meredith G.Zechariah 1:86:1
Come Out of BabylonInks, DavidIsaiah 52:116:1
The Wonderful TreeVos, GeerhardusHosea 14:86:2
How Long? (part 2)Kline, Meredith G.Zechariah 1:13-176:2
Hungering and Thirsting After RighteousnessVos, GeerhardusMatthew 5:66:3
Structural Strands in New Testament EschatologyMurray, JohnNone6:3
The Old ManRoth, David L.Colossians 3:1-186:3
Paul, Philemon, Onesimus and the New Creation in Christ JesusDennison, Jr., James T.Philemon6:3
Seeking and Saving the LostVos, GeerhardusLuke 19:107:1
Messianic AvengerKline, Meredith G.Zechariah 1:18-217:1
The Structure of John's Gospel - The Present State of the QuestionDennison, Jr., James T.John7:1
RabboniVos, GeerhardusJohn 20:167:2
Evangel of the Messianic AngelKline, Meredith G.Zechariah 2:1-137:2
NicodemusDennison, Jr., James T.John 3:1-16; 7:45-53; 19:38-427:2
The Structure of the Book of JoelLee, LenaJoel7:3
The Year of Destruction in the Light of the Year of JubileeSchilder, KlaasJeremiah 32:6-157:3
Evangel of the Messianic Angel (part 2)Kline, Meredith G.Zechariah 2:6-137:3
Suggestions for Reading - The History of Biblical Theology: Encyclopedias and DictionariesDennison, Jr., James T.None7:3
The More Excellent MinistryVos, Geerhardus2 Corinthians 3:188:1
The Servant and the SerpentKline, Meredith G.Zechariah 38:1
The Gospel of John: An IntroductionDennison, Jr., James T.John8:1
The Prologue of John's GospelDennison, Jr., James T.John 1:1-188:2
The Servant and the Serpent (part 2)Kline, Meredith G.Zechariah 38:2
What Should I Read on the Song of Solomon?Dennison, Jr., James T.Song Of Solomon8:2
Must We Obey the Law?Lauer, Stewart E.Matthew 5:17-208:3
Narrative and Paradox in JonahLillegard, DavidJonah8:3
The Sign of JonahDennison, Jr., James T.Jonah8:3
By My SpiritKline, Meredith G.Zechariah 49:1
A Divine EngagementHunter, Scott F.John 4:1-309:1
Resurrection LivingDennison, William D.Colossians 3:1-49:1
By My Spirit (part 2)Kline, Meredith G.Zechariah 49:2
Come and SeeDennison, Jr., James T.John 1:19-519:2
Genesis and the Real WorldRoth, David L.Genesis 19:2
The Gospel of Mark from Beginning to EndDennison, Jr., James T.Mark 1:1-15; 15:33-39;16:1-89:3
The Sweetness of the CupRyken, Philip G.Isaiah 51:17-23, Matthew 26:26-30, 36-469:3
By My Spirit (part 3)Kline, Meredith G.Zechariah 49:3
Balaam, The Magi and HerodJones, Stuart R.Matthew 210:1
The Eschatological Aspect of JustificationDennison, Jr., James T.Romans 4:2510:1
What is the Gospel?Dennison, Charles G.Matthew 11:2-610:1
What Should I Read on the Epistle of Jude?Dennison, Jr., James T.Jude10:1
Pentecost: Before and AfterGaffin, Jr., Richard B.Acts 210:2
Geerhardus Vos and EschatologySemel, LawrenceNone10:2
The Unnamed Woman and JesusDennison, Jr., James T.Mark 14:1-1110:2
AnathemaKline, Meredith G.Zechariah 510:3
The Speaking PriestMahaffy, John W.Luke 1:6710:3
Remember the Risen ChristStrimple, Robert B.2 Timothy 2:82:3
The New Point of ViewRidderbos, Herman N.None4:2
John 2: Structure And Biblical ThelogyDennison, Jr., James T.John 211:1
Is Wisdom Literature Eschatological?Olinger, DannyNone11:1
Suffering and EschatologyGreen, Bill2 Corinthians 411:1
Biblical Theology and the Culture WarVan Drunen, DavidJeremiah 29:5-1411:1
Jesus and LazarusDennison, Jr., James T.John 11:17-48, 5311:2
A Glimmer of HopeLee, Jeong Woo (James)Genesis 511:2
The Tree of Life: Protological to EschatologicalStarke, RobertGenesis 311:2
Some Thoughts On PreachingDennison, Charles G.None11:3
MARANA THAKline, Meredith G.Zechariah 6:1-811:3
Guarding the Entrance to the Place of RestVan Kooten, RobertHebrews 4:12,1311:3
Index Volume 1-10 (1986-1995)Roth, David L.None10:3
What is Biblical Theology? Reflections on the Inaugural Address of Geerhardus VosDennison, Jr., James T.None2:1
Bethel: House of GodDennison, William D.Genesis 28:10-222:3
Clothing From HeavenClawson, Douglas B.Exodus 3912:1
What Should I Read on Hosea?Dennison, Jr., James T.Hosea12:1
A Redemptive-Historical Consideration of PhilemonOlinger, DannyPhilemon12:1
A Paradigm for the Exodus ConflictLee, Jeong Woo (James)Exodus 7:8-1312:1
The Blessing of AbrahamJones, Stuart R.Galatians12:2
Waves of Locusts!Inks, DavidJoel 112:2
The Leaping ManBroline, Jr., RobertActs 3:1-8; Isaiah 35:4-612:2
The Exaltation of Christ*Kline, Meredith G.Zechariah 6:9-1512:3
The Lament and the LamenterDennison, Jr., James T.Lamentations 3:1-2312:3
Christus Agonistes: the Betrayal and Arrest of the I AMIrons, LeeJohn 18:1-1413:1
Moses -- in Egypt and MidianOlinger, DannyExodus 2:11-2513:1
Introduction to the Ten CommandmentsLee, Jeong Woo (James)Exodus 20:1-3; Luke 12:4813:1
Enveloped By GodDennison, Jr., James T.Hosea 14:4-813:1
The Faith of a ForeignerSchroeder, BryanRuth 1; Hebrews 11:1,2, 13-1613:2
Our Citizenship is in HeavenSemel, LawrencePhilippians 3:1-2113:2
Abraham: The ProphetDennison, William D.Genesis 20:1-1813:2
When What Is Mortal Is Swallowed Up By LifeKuyper, Abraham2 Corinthians 5:413:3
In the Apostle's AbsenceVan Drunen, DavidPhilippians 2:19-3013:3
The Nature and Aims of Biblical TheologyVos, GeerhardusNone14:1
The Resurrected ChildDennison, Charles G.Revelation 12:1-614:1
The New Exodus in the Risen LambSanborn, Scott F.Revelation 1:4-814:1
What Should I Read on Revelation?Irons, LeeRevelation14:1
The Measure of Thankfulness: Jesus, Paul, and the Life of PrayerDennison, Charles G.None14:2
He Must Increase, But I Must DecreaseDennison, Jr., James T.John 3:22-3114:2
Geerhardus Vos: Life Between Two WorldsDennison, Jr., James T.None14:2
Biblical Theology: The View From the PewGarcia, DianeNone14:2
The Trail of the SerpentDuff, Donald J.Matthew 2:13-1814:3
Biblical Theology and the SessionGidley, James S.None14:3
Isaiah's Christmans Children: Shear-jashubDennison, Charles G.Isaiah 7:1-914:3
The Eschatology of Hebrews 2:1-4: A Critical Appraisal of the Theonomic ThesisTipton, Lane G.Hebrews 2:1-415:1
Proving and Provision at MarahKlein, David J.Exodus 15:22-2715:1
The View from the Manse*Irons, MistyNone15:1
The Shepherd-LordDennison, Jr., James T.Psalms 2315:1
The Writings of Geerhardus Vos*Olinger, DannyNone15:2
God's Eschatological WordBroline, Jr., RobertLuke 1:3-415:2
Isaiah's Christmas Children: ImmanuelDennison, Charles G.Isaiah 7:1-16, 8:5-815:3
To Every Man's Conscience in the Sight of GodLee, Jeong Woo (James)2 Corinthians 4:1-615:3
Hagar's Wilderness SojournLindemulder, PaulGenesis 21:15-2115:3
Preachers: Tell the Story of Redemption!Reynolds, Gregory EdwardNone15:3
Covenant Theology and Old Testament Ethics: Meredith G. Kline's Intrusion EthicsJeon, Jeong KooNone16:1
The Hidden Glory of the Eldership*Bordow, ToddMatthew 18:15-2016:1
Biblical Theology and Counseling*Baldwin, BillNone16:1
Vos on the Sabbath: A Close ReadingDennison, Jr., James T.None16:1
Eschatology and OfficeDennison, Charles G.Isaiah 24:2316:2
"Are They Hebrews?"Lee, Jeong Woo (James)2 Corinthians 11:16-3316:2
Christ's Method for MaturityInks, DavidEphesians 4:7-1616:2
Redemptive-historical PreachingIrons, LeeNone16:2
Isaiah's Christmas Children: Maher-shalal-hash-bazDennison, Charles G.Isaiah 8:1-1516:3
Simeon's Farewell SongDennison, Jr., James T.Luke 2:21-3516:3
The Early Sorrows of ChristBaldwin, BillMatthew 2:13-2316:3
The Song of MiriamVan Kooten, RobertExodus 15:19-2116:3
Was the Tree of Life Always Off-limits? A Critique of Vos's AnswerLauer, Stewart E.None16:3
What is the 'Critical' Reading of the Bible?Dennison, Jr., James T.None17:1
The Lamb is My ShepherdHarrell, Tin LingPsalms 2317:1
Invitations and WarningsDennison, Charles G.Matthew 7:7-2917:1
Gregory Nazianzus on the God-ManNazianzus, GregoryNone17:1
A Heart for God's LawHunter, Scott F.Matthew 3:1-217:1
Glory in the Midst of DarknessJeon, Jeong KooNone17:1
Chance, Randomness, and DeterminismMcElroy, Tucker S.None17:1
Bridges or Ladders?Findley, GaryNone17:2
ImageDennison, Charles G.None17:2
Paul and the LawSanborn, Scott F.None17:2
Thomas Hooker on Union with ChristHooker, ThomasNone17:2
Arius 'Orthodoxos'; Athanasius 'Politicus'Dennison, Jr., James T.None17:2
Hilary of Poitiers On the Son of GodHilary of PoitiersNone17:2
Isaiah's Christmas Children: The Glory ChildDennison, Charles G.Isaiah 8:16-9:717:3
PeaceVaughan, HenryNone17:3
Samson -- The Last JudgeStarke, RobertJudges 13-1617:3
EumenidesDennison, Charles G.None17:3
The Meeting of Mary and Elizabeth: An Eschatological EncounterBroline, Jr., RobertLuke 1:39-5617:3
Reason, History and Revelation: Biblical Theology and the EnlightenmentDennison, William D.None18:1
As Weary PilgrimBradstreet, AnneNone18:1
Symmetries of Equivalence: Logos and Theos in John 1:1-2Dennison, Jr., James T.John 1:1-218:1
Light AfflictionDennison, Charles G.None18:1
Jonathan Edwards on the Two AdamsEdwards, JonathanNone18:1
Garden TempleBeale, Gregory K.Genesis 1-218:2
New AbrahamDennison, Charles G.None18:2
The One Who Gives LifeSemel, Lawrence2 Kings 13:20-21; John 11:17-2918:2
Novatian on the IncarnationNovationNone18:2
Jonathan Edwards, 1703-1758: An Appraisal on the Tercentenary of His BirthDennison, Jr., James T.None18:2
With the Wild BeastsVos, Brian D.Mark 1:12-1318:3
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing DayTraditionalNone18:3
Born of the Virgin MaryDennison, Jr., James T.Matthew 1:1-2518:3
In the Fields of BoazDennison, Charles G.Ruth18:3
"I AM the Good Shepherd"Lee, Jeong Woo (James)John 10:1-3018:3
John Calvin on Eschatological PilgrimsCalvin, JohnTitus 3:4-718:3
Augustine and GraceDennison, Jr., James T.None18:3
The Old and New Covenants and the Law: Was the Mosaic Covenant a Redemptive Covenant of Grace?Sanborn, Scott F.None19:1
Games (A Reflection on the Opening Chapters of I Samuel)Dennison, Charles G.1 Samuel19:1
On Being a Confessional ChurchReynolds, Gregory EdwardNone19:1
Charles Hodge on the System of DoctrineHodge, CharlesNone19:1
Holy Sonnet 14Donne, JohnNone19:1
Deuteronomy 19: Chiasms and CasesDennison, Jr., James T.Deuteronomy 1919:1
Augustine on Christ's DeathAugustineJohn19:1
Dutch: The Withering of a LanguageVos, GeerhardusNone19:2
Mephibosheth (A Reflection on I Samuel 18:1 and II Samuel 19:24-30)Dennison, Charles G.1 Samuel 18:1; 2 Samuel 19:24-3019:2
Origen: A ReviewDennison, Jr., James T.None19:2
"To Life!"Courter, JoyceNone19:2
The Passion Narratives of Mark and Luke: Christ's Loneliness and the Christ of CompassionDennison, William D.Mark 14:26-31; Luke 22:31-3419:2
David and Manipulation, Deception and MurderVan Kooten, Robert2 Kings19:2
Origen on ChristOrigenSong Of Solomon19:2
Autobiographical NotesVos, GeerhardusNone19:3
Isaiah's Christmas Children: The Stump of JesseDennison, Charles G.Isaiah19:3
Chrysostom on the Son of GodChrysostom, JohnGalatians19:3
The MilleniumVos, Brian D.Revelation19:3
August Sun (Jeremiah 8:20)Dennison, Charles G.Jeremiah 8:2019:3
Eschatology and the Structure of 1 ThessaloniansDennison, Jr., James T.1 Thessalonians19:3
The NativityVaughan, HenryNone19:3
Calvinistic AntinomiansDennison, Jr., James T.None20:1
Obadiah 21 (In memory of J. Gresham Machen)Dennison, Charles G.Obadiah 1:2120:1
The Prospects of American TheologyVos, GeerhardusNone20:1
Martin Bucer: A ReviewAmos, N. ScottNone20:1
The Bentheim Confession (1613/1617)Dennison, Jr., James T.None20:2
Christ Alone by Faith Alone, Not by the Merit of WorksLuther, MartinNone20:2
The Road to EndorWielenga, Bill1 Samuel 2820:2
Irony (Luke 5:17-26)Dennison, Charles G.Luke 5:17-2620:2
The Old and New Covenants and the Law: Was the Mosaic Covenant a Redemptive Covenant of Grace? Pt IISanborn, Scott F.None20:2
K.A. Kitchen on the Old Testament: A ReviewDennison, Jr., James T.None20:2
Our Incomparable GodKing, AdamPsalms 11320:3
Last TheologianDennison, Charles G.None20:3
Biblical Theology and Counseling: I John 4:7-21Renkema, Marcus J.1 John20:3
NativityDonne, JohnNone20:3
Tiberius CaesarDennison, Jr., James T.Luke 2:1, 3:120:3
Fulgentius of RuspeDennison, Jr., James T.Ezekiel 18:4,32; 1 Timothy 2:4; 2 Peter 3:920:3
Trinitarian Confession of the Italian Church of Geneva (1558)Dennison, Jr., James T. and Young II, George C.None21:1
The Redemptive-Historical Hermeneutic and PreachingDennison, William D.None21:1
Last EnemyDennison, Charles G.None21:1
The Law from the New MountDennison, Jr., James T.Matthew 5:27-2821:1
Sharing ChristVosteen, J. PeterPhilippians 3:1-1121:2
Heaven and EarthDennison, Charles G.None21:2
Natural and Special Revelation: A ReassessmentDennison, William D.None21:2
Peter Martyr Vermigli on Christ's Resurrection and JustificationVermigli, Peter MartyrNone21:2
Salvation and the House of a HarlotWright, StevenJoshua 221:2
Calvin on DVDDennison, Jr., James T.None21:2
Isaiah's Christmas Children: Understanding the Message of the ProphetsDennison, Charles G.Isaiah 10:28-11:1021:3
ChristmasHerbert, GeorgeNone21:3
Meredith G. Kline: A Critical ReviewSanborn, Scott F.None21:3
Jonathan Edwards on PreachingEdwards, JonathanNone21:3
Justin MartyrDennison, Jr., James T.None21:3
Augustine on MeritAugustineNone21:3
Again, Jesus' Sermon on the MountDennison, Jr., James T.Matthew 5-721:3
CalvinistDennison, Charles G.None21:3
Augustine on Christ's IncarnationAugustineJohn 121:3
Narrative Art and Biblical Theology in the Book of RuthDennison, Jr., James T.Ruth22:1
Athanasius on SalvationAthanasiusNone22:1
The Lamp Will Not Be ExtinguishedVan Kooten, Robert2 Samuel 21:15-2222:1
Thomas Cartwright on Israel's Inheritance of the LandCartwright, ThomasNone22:1
The Book of Hebrews: The Unique Legal Aspect of the Mosaic Covenant Grounded in the Covenant of GraceSanborn, Scott F.Hebrews22:1
John Calvin on the Covenant of GraceCalvin, JohnNone22:1
Old Testament Historical Books: A Critical ReviewDennison, Jr., James T.None22:1
Prophetic Narrative Biography and Biblical Theology: The Prophet HoseaDennison, Jr., James T.Hosea22:2
John Calvin on Galatians 3Calvin, JohnGalatians 322:2
Francis Roberts on Ordo Salutis and Historia SalutisRoberts, FrancisNone22:2
Paul, the Covenant TheologianSemel, LawrenceNone22:2
Anthony Burgess on the Law and the GospelBurgess, AnthonyNone22:2
Micah's Bethlehem and Matthew'sDennison, Jr., James T.Micah 5:2-5; Matthew 2:1-622:3
O Remember Adam's FallAnonymousNone22:3
In Marosszentimre ChurchZoltan, JekelyNone22:3
Gottschalk of Orbais: A Medieval PredestinarianGumerlock, Francis X.None22:3
Rudimenta PietatisDuncan, AndrewNone22:3
The Earliest Hungarian Protestant Confessions: Nagyvarad (1544) and Erdod (1545)Dennison, Jr., James T.None23:1
A Greater than SolomonHamilton, JamesNone23:1
The Glory of the Latter Temple: A Structural and Biblical-Theological Analysis of Haggai 2:1-9Swinburnson, Benjamin W.Haggai 2:1-923:1
Past and PresentDennison, Jr., James T.None23:1
The Apocalyptics of the Hungarian PuritansPetroczi, Eve AliceNone23:1
The Eschatological Reversal of the Protological Reversal: Narrative Analysis and Chiastic Paradigms in Genesis 2:18-3:24Dennison, Jr., James T.Genesis 2:18-3:2423:2
Charles Hodge on John Nevin: A Neglected ReviewSwinburnson, Benjamin W.None23:2
Zanchi on JustificationZanchius, JeromeNone23:2
Christ in His WordVan Kooten, Robert2 Thessalonians 1:1-3; 3:16-1823:2
Patristic Commentaries on RevelationGumerlock, Francis X.Revelation23:2
Abscondita cum Christo: The Blind Man and JesusDennison, Jr., James T.John 923:3
Edward Leigh: More Than PsalmsLeigh, EdwardNone23:3
Inclusive Psalmody: Why "psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs" Refer to More Than the Old Testament PsalterSanborn, Scott F.None23:3
A Hymn of Heavenly LoveSpenser, EdmundNone23:3
The Rhetoric of the Post-Exilic Prophetic Reversal: Chiasmus in Haggai 1:1-15, A Structural and Biblical-Theological AnalysisSwinburnson, Benjamin W.Haggai 1:1-1523:3
The Biblical Basis for MissionsVos, GeerhardusNone24:1
The Idea of Biblical Theology as a Science and as a Theological DisciplineVos, GeerhardusNone24:1
Geerhardus Vos, Biblical Theology and PreachingDennison, Jr., James T.None24:1
Calvin on Merit and the Land of CanaanCalvin, JohnDeuteronomy 9:1-624:1
So, What is Faith?Dennison, William D.Hebrews 11-1, 17-19; Genesis 18:14, 22:1-424:1
Calvin on Universal SalvationCalvin, JohnTitus 2:6-1424:1
A Mini-Markan Sandwich: Simon of Cyrene Pressed Between Jesus and His CrossDennison, Jr., James T.Mark 15:20-2224:2
Calvin on Christian PilgrimsCalvin, JohnDeuteronomy24:2
Paul and Semi-Eschatological Justification: With a Critique of N.T. WrightSanborn, Scott F.None24:2
Exsul, Peregrinus, Viator: Selderhuis on Calvin, A ReviewDennison, Jr., James T.None24:2
Merit or "Entitlement" in Reformed Covenant Theology: A ReviewDennison, Jr., James T., Sanborn, Scott F. and Swinburnson, Benjamin W.None24:3
Ruth: The Story BeginsDennison, Jr., James T.Ruth 125:1
The Tractoria of Prudentius of Troyes (d. 861)Gumerlock, Francis X.None25:1
Classic Orthodox Calvinists on the Notion of Any Human MeritZanchius, Jerome, Beza, Theodore and Ursinus, ZachariasNone25:1
John Calvin, Eternal Generation, and Communication of Essence: A Reexamination of His ViewsSwinburnson, Benjamin W.None25:1
Vos Reviews William Henry GreenVos, GeerhardusNone25:2
Muller on Divine Essence and Attributes: A ReviewSanborn, Scott F.None25:2
The Aaronic BenedictionDennison, Jr., James T.Numbers 6:22-2725:2
Calvin's Idea of Meritum ChristiTachin, PhilipNone25:2
G. Vos to B. B. WarfieldVos, GeerhardusNone25:3
John Milton on Christ's AdventMilton, JohnNone25:3
The Christian Apologist in the Present State of Redemptive-HistoryDennison, William D.None25:3
Geerhardus Vos: Nuggets of Gold From HebrewsVos, GeerhardusHebrews25:3
Joab and Abner: Narrative Symmetries Sandwiching DavidDennison, Jr., James T.2 Samuel 3:6-12, 17-3925:3
More Letters of Geerhardus VosDennison, Jr., James T.None26:1
The Hungarian Confessio Catholica (1562) on Covenant ConditionsDennison, Jr., James T.None26:1
Moreland's Kingdom Triangle: A ReviewSanborn, Scott F.None26:1
The Woman and the ChildVosteen, J. PeterRevelation 1226:2
Paul and the Hermeneutics of Faith: A ReviewSanborn, Scott F.None26:2
"To the Hebrews": A Narrative ParadigmDennison, Jr., James T.Hebrews26:2
Conquest or Compromise? John Thomson and the Presbyterian Adopting Act of 1729Swinburnson, Benjamin W.None26:2
John Calvin's 1542 Exposition of JudeCalvin, JohnJude26:3
Chiastic Homoioptoton in Hebrews 10:39 and 11:1Dennison, Jr., James T.Hebrews 10:39, 11:126:3
What Should I Read on Jeremiah?Dennison, Jr., James T.Jeremiah27:1
Vos on the Law and MeritVos, GeerhardusNone27:1
Did Paul Really Teach Republication as "Defined" by VanDrunen?Sanborn, Scott F.None27:1
Apples of Gold for a Needy People: Reading Geerhardus VosShreve, Jan C.None27:1
The People of God and the Nation-States -- Interfacing Eschatology and Anti-Eschatology in Organic ContinuumDennison, Jr., James T.Daniel 2-1227:1
Member of the Westminster Assembly Rejects Republication of the Covenant of Works at Mt. SinaiDennison, Jr., James T.None27:2
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